Sunday, 31 May 2009

Life Without Jack

You might have noticed I've been absent from the blogosphere for a little while. That's because I've had a difficult few weeks culminating in the unfortunate loss of our little dog Jack.
He was a great guy, a loyal little terrier cross who lived life head-on and brough a lot of enjoyment into our lives in the short time he was with us. Unfortunately he became suddenly very ill last week and after a hasty consultation with the vet was whisked away for emergency surgery for a blocked small intestine. It seemed the vet had saved his bacon, but unfortunately the problem had taken its toll and despite everyone's best efforts we lost him yesterday.
The house seems very quiet. The postman visits unchallenged. There's nobody trying to climb onto my laptop as I type. No reason to go for a late night walk anymore before we turn in. It's shocking just how keenly his absence has impacted our lives in so many small but significant ways, and it's reminded me of a profound truth I so often forget.
You don't realise what you've got until it's gone.
I'm glad we had the time we did with our little dog, and if there's one thing he's taught me it's this: rejoice in every relationship you have. Enjoy them, commit yourself fully and make the most of every moment of sunshine. Because to love and be loved are the most important things in life, and so often we don't realise that until it's too late.
Is there a friendship you need to patch up? A relationship you've been neglecting? Have the important people in your life become merely obstacles to be stepped around as you struggle to meet your schedule? Slow down, savour each moment and get your priorities right.
Oh yes, and always face whatever life throws at you with a wagging tail.

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