Friday, 7 August 2009


Those of us in the UK are familiar with U-turns. Our government seems to be making them with ever increasing frequency (consider Joanna Lumley's recent victory over Gurkha's rights for example) and in these troubled times the climbdown seems set to become a national institution. We might even declare a new public holiday, "National U-Turn Day", when politicians could release all their embarrasing news safe in the knowledge that everybody else is away scoffing burgers at the beach.
A U-turn, by definition, is a fundamental change of direction. You are travelling in one direction but abandon it and select another diametrically opposed to the course you originally followed. You abandon your original goal and redirect your efforts to reach another.
We must conclude, therefore, that you realised that your original course was somehow inappropriate and your original destination unworthy of further pursuit. Even though you thought it right, you now see it was wrong and you've abandoned it to seek a better way. However you look at it, that's a fairly profound change of outlook, perception and opinion.
Imagine my shock, then, to discover such a U-turn right under my very nose. An abandoned government policy? No, I see those regularly but I would never have predicted this - the Philippic Pastor is now on Twitter!
Come on Tom, I think you owe us an explanation. You always said Twitter was for the birds but I've never known you make a decision lightly so there has to be more to this than simply following the crowd. Why the change of heart?


  1. A quick jaunt to see whatthe Bishop has on his mind and what do I find? A challenge to my apparent "u-turn" on Twitter-ing. Well, if the truth be told, I had 3 followers from when I opened the account(just to see what all the fuss was about) so I thought I would write about it on my wall. Lo and behold, 15 followers. I figure its another way to get my wisdom (don't laugh, I have a little...grin) to the masses. So I shall Tweet away my good sir!

  2. Twitter away by all means, my transatlantic friend. I may even follow you myself, though I prefer the 'full fat' Watson wisdom I get from your blog rather than the 'passing-thought-I-crammed-into-140-characters-cause-I-have-to-rush-off-to-church-and-I-haven't-posted-anything-today' variety

  3. Ah, your wit is only surpassed by your prose!

  4. I thought you were about to make some profound statement about salvation and complete turnarounds!! only to find the conclusion was about tom twittering!! jonathan

  5. To tom:
    Why thank you, kind sir!
    To johnvondee:
    I almost did; even as I was writing I was tempted to abandon my first idea and go that way. It's frustrating sometimes only being able to write about one thing at once!